November 2013

The Montenegrin Guitar Duo appeared in Gliwice for the second time, with repertoire that was just as ambitious as it was when they first performed a year ago. When last in Gliwice, the duo - Goran Krivocapić and  Danijel Cerović - gave a brilliant performance with the Camerata Quartet of the  Double Concerto for two guitars and string quartet by Gerard Drozd.  This year they began with two 

English Suites by Bach (II and III), music which is technically demanding and for ambitious listeners.  


They performed it very precisely, subtly and delicately. Is Bach complicated? Obviously not for the Montenegrin Guitar Duo and the audience’s enthusiastic applause demonstrated that their playing 

was perfect! Stunning!  


The second part of the concert was devoted to the compositions of the founder of the festival.  We heard the Adagio op. 44c and Suite for two guitars op. 150 by Gerard Drozd.  Despite combining baroque and contemporary music, the overall Sunday evening of music was very coherent in style. 


Drozd is known to be fascinated by Bach’s music, and this was clearly reflected in his compositions which were performed after those of the Leipzig  composer. They take Bach’s structure, contemplate its possibilities and then transform it.  Is Drozd complicated? Not in this interpretation and musical comment, even though again - like Bach - the composer’s music is for sophisticated listeners.


- May 2015 - Gerard Drozd -